How to add validations to React Hook Form

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Validating our form

Here we have a very simple form with an uncontrolled input component being wrapped by a Controller and assigned to the username value by the name prop. …

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  • How to test axios?
  • How to test API calls fired from a useEffect hook?
  • How to test API calls from React Query?


Let’s imagine that we have a component that will fire an API request either being through the useEffect hook or a useQuery custom…

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Auth0 dashboard

So the first thing you need is an Auth0 account. You can sign up for free at

Improving your Git experience

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What are Git Aliases?

Git aliases allow you to reduce the amount of text you write when trying to execute certain commands or a chain of commands. For example, imagine you are doing you are running the push — force-with-lease command. This can get really repetitive…

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What is MSW?

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Auth0 dashboard

It is that simple to manage server state.

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Lessons learned: are React hooks ready for the real world?

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Some context

At Talkdesk, in the past year, the WFM Frontend Team decided to migrate their React application to functional components and start using React Hooks.

Are they really the same?

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this and arguments


Let’s look at the following anonymous function example called by setTimeout after 1000 milliseconds. Inside of it, we log the hello variable value and the hello property assigned to this.

A function using this

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  • A useRandomContext custom hook
  • A randomStore where we create two state variables and an effect that when the something variable content changes…

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